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Blog Story

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This blog was created a little over a year ago as more of a “journal.” I began by writing about things that I was learning in my own life relating to love and happiness. I also documented my time abroad in South America and Europe for people to see, but also for me to look back on. Now, it has been transformed into more of a reader-oriented blog, a place where I can use my personal travel experiences to help readers create their own.



I’ll be writing about pretty much everything and anything relating to travel. Many of my posts will be rooted in my time in South America and Europe, specifically Uruguay and Spain. Maybe even some New Zealand with the help of my boyfriend.  I’ll share personal stories of life as a study abroad student and what it’s like to be in a multicultural/long-distance relationship. I’ll post travel tips, must-see locations, reviews, trip plans, and really anything in between.

How did you choose the name “Mantras of a Wanderer”?

Honestly, I chose the name because the words looked and sounded pretty haha. I’m a writer, so I’m all about that written aesthetic. Beyond that, however, I chose “Mantras of a Wanderer” because I feel that all of my posts are written in the themes of love, adventure, and travel. In a way, these themes are my mantras, the words/themes that I meditate on as I navigate through life. As a lover of travel, it’s hard for me to feel tied down to one place or to go in one specific direction when my future is unclear. I simply wander and let life take me where it wants me to go, and for that reason, I am quite the wanderer.

What’s next, Mara?

Good question! I’ll be staying still for the next year or so until I graduate with my degree in Spanish and Psychology. From there, I’ll probably move to South America to be with my boyfriend until he graduates as well. From there? Well, the world is ours. We’d love to go to New Zealand or Australia to work and save up money before going to Europe or somewhere to settle down. I plan to continue blogging and to create my own coaching business so that I can have the flexibility of going anywhere. As for grad school? I’ll probably do an online program or wait until I can find a free or inexpensive program in Europe. Plans are pretty vague, but if there is one thing I am certain of, it’s that I want to travel the world with the one I love!

And as for travel? What’s on your bucket list?

Ahhh this is such a difficult question to answer because my travel bucket list grows more and more every day. Right now, New Zealand and Brazil are at the top of my list!

Tell me more about this boyfriend of yours.

Gladly. His name is Gabriel, and he lives in Uruguay. I met him in the last days of my summer mission trip in 2016. We didn’t even start talking until I had left, but once we started, we never really stopped. Gabriel is the sweetest, most loving and hardworking soul I have ever met. Completely different personality type than mine (INFJ + ESTP pair, for any of you Meyers Briggs fans), but he shares a lot of the same perspectives in life as I do. He has greatly contributed to my spiritual life and my desire to travel.

As for his own travel experiences, he spent a year and a half in New Zealand, backpacking throughout the country and working with his Working Holiday Visa. He has given me some personal tours and stories of the country, so hopefully we’ll write a bit about New Zealand as well. He’s been to Ecuador and a bit of Argentina and Brazil, and he hopes to visit me the States during his holiday(s). All cool stuff! We spent two weeks together at his home in Montevideo and we took a quick trip to Buenos Aires, but we honestly can’t wait to travel more together.

Let’s be friends!

Seriously though. I love meeting and connecting with people! Nothing brings me more joy than exchanging travel stories or talking about future dreams and goals. If you’re thinking about going abroad or studying abroad, let me help! Feel free to contact me with specific questions or requests for blog posts. I’d love to help you out. 🙂

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