You Must Visit This Cafe While in Budapest

Hello, sunshines. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my European adventures lately, specifically on the little things. Like what were some of my favorite restaurants and cafes? What were some delightful pieces of art that I came across? What simple things would bring me back to Europe in a heartbeat? For that reason, I decided to make a few posts about these things. As an avid coffee shop inhabitant, I decided to begin by writing about my favorite coffee shop in Europe- Café Smúz.

This cafe is located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Chances are, if you’re walking around town trying to visit all of the must-see sights, you’ll stumble upon Smúz while visiting Kossuth Square (Parliament and the castle). It’s the perfect stop for coffee in the middle of an active day of sight-seeing.

I went to Smúz for all of the previous reasons to be honest. It was a chilly morning, and my friend and I wanted to warm up a bit after a chilly morning of walking around town. It could not have been more convenient.

We were instantly impressed with the place as we walked in. It was a cute and light coffee shop mixed with a flower shop. The workers greeted us, and we sat down at one of the tiffany blue tables. There were variations in the chairs, all ranging from woven lawn chairs, pillowed chairs, and colored lounge chairs. White, tiffany blue, and natural sunlight all gave a bright and clean feel to the place, which was great.

The best part of all though? The decorations. Shelves full of empty bird cages, colored pots, vases, and flowers, all which added a delightful charm to the room. I couldn’t help but snap photos of every part of the place. There is also a patio outside, which would be lovely on the warmer days, but we were happy with our choice to warm up inside and enjoy the window view of the Parliament building and castle.



But okay okay. The people are cool and the place looks pretty, but what about the food and drinks? Well, let me tell you. Smúz offers a lot of your typical cafe food such as sandwiches, salads, and lots of treats. The desserts looked really enticing, but I stuck with their popular red velvet latte. The delight and love I had for the place only grew as I grazed over the options. When they set my beautiful piece of drinkable art in front of me, I completely fell in love.


My latte was the most beautiful one I have ever had. The reddish pink color looked so lovely in its tiffany blue mug. They also gave me a small yellow flower with my drink since well, they give out flowers with every order. All in all, it was a lovely little platter. I didn’t even want to drink my latte and ruin the beautiful hearts and designs on top.


(But of course, I did so anyway, and my tastebuds could not have been happier).

The lattes attracted the attention of other customers checking out the cafe for the first time. There was a man and a young girl next to us who asked us about our lattes, and that segwayed into a brief conversation about where we were from, why we were traveling, etc. Any coffee that can start cool conversations with other people is totally worth it. They were sweethearts.

Overall, I do not have anything other than complete love and excitement about this place. I would totally visit Budapest again, just to return and to be surrounded by coffee and flowers. Even the bathrooms were some of the prettiest, most unique bathrooms I had seen. Next time, I will surely get one of those coveted desserts and maybe even a sandwich. For sure another red velvet latte. Between the people, the atmosphere/aesthetics, and the quality of the food itself, I would give Café Smúz six out of five stars!


If you’re interested in reading more about Smúz, you can check out their website here.

This is not a sponsored post or anything like that. Just me simply reflecting on some of my favorite little things about Europe and wanting to share them so that you can enjoy them as well. I hope to write more reviews/posts about places like this one, so let me know if there is anything specific that you would like to see.

I’ll also be writing more about Budapest and what you can do there. If you’d like to read more of a journal-style account of my time in Budapest, you can do so here.

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